Liberty Landreth, Scrunchie Shop’s owner and CEO sitting outside on a tree stump.

Meet The Maker

Hi! My name is Liberty, and I am an 18 year old entrepreneur!
After the world went wild in 2020, I quickly became bored and started looking for a hobby. I grabbed my old sewing machine out from the closet that I had received over five years ago. I watched some videos online and began sewing for “real” for the first time!
With time and learning, I found lots of fun things I could create! I got to pick out amazing fabric, and then have my very own handmade items!

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While sitting at my machine one day I just could not get my hair out of my face, nor could I find a hair tie. I looked around and remembered my grandma had left some elastic when dropping off fabric, as she was making masks at the time. It clicked! A Scrunchie would be perfect for this situation.

I decided to see if I could make one for myself. With lots of trial and error, I came out with some pretty awesome accessories. It was at that moment, I absolutely fell in love with making Scrunchies! 

I began learning how to cut the fabric to the perfect size, how to to find the best elastic fit, and even how to add cool customizations!

I’ve always had a LOT of hair and had a hard time finding accessories that worked, or didn’t break... until now! I was able to create my very own hair accessories, and they were perfect for my wild hair. So, I sent a few out to some friends and family with different hair types and did a product survey.

My results were great! I was shocked to hear how many people agreed with me, many people expressed their need for more accessories that work for many hair types. I even got a few special requests!  And from there, I decided it would be a great  experience to start a online shop! Not only could I spend my time creating items I love, but I could also provide a product that caters to the needs of others.

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