Scrunchie Shop Rep Search

Scrunchie Shop Rep Search

We are looking to expand our team of Brand Reps!

What is a brand rep?

A Brand Rep or Brand Ambassador is someone who represents Scrunchie Shop through photos, engagement, referrals, and positive word of mouth. If you enjoy talking about fashion, beauty, and hair accessories, then this role could be perfect for you! As an Independent Rep, you will be responsible for bringing your own ideas to the table while also maintaining brand standards. You must be 18 years or older to apply, if you have a mini or teen looking to rep for us, please have the parent/guardian fill out and sign all contracts.   


Scrunchie Shop Brand Standards

As a brand rep, you'd be sharing your passion for the product we provide with others. You would promote our product by sharing posts on social media and engaging other users in a conversation about them.

If you're interested in becoming a brand rep for Scrunchie Shop, be sure to check out our application page and see if you're a good fit!

Here at Scrunchie Shop, we like to showcase people of all types, with all different backgrounds, interests, and needs. We are kind, inclusive, and compassionate when it comes to every situation. We expect our Brand Reps to be the same, remember to be kind, give more than you take, and act with integrity.

How to Become a Scrunchie Shop Brand Rep:

  • You must be following us on Instagram. We are looking for people who will see our content and engage with it regularly.

  • You must be highly active on social media. We want to know that you're someone who likes to talk about the things they love and show their personality online.

  • You must take high-quality photos and come up with creative ways to style and showcase our product. We use your images for marketing purposes and blurry, dark, or cluttered photos cannot be used.

  • You must have a genuine interest in scrunchies and/or hair accessories! This is a big one! We put a lot of love and passion into our products, and we want all of our representatives to love their items as much as we love making them. If you couldn't care less about hairstyling and accessorizing this search is most likely not for you.

  • You must be willing to abide by Scrunchie Shop's Brand Standards. We do not discriminate, show hate, or involve ourselves in drama. We are abundantly kind, inclusive, and understanding!

Gift Icon If you feel you fit our brand and would like to receive free product in exchange for high-quality photos and promotion, please apply!

We have several perks and rewards for our Reps:

  • You will get free products to try and test! We have a variety of accessories that we provide you with. You can expect to receive 2-3 products each month during your time repping with us.

  • You will gain access to a personal 20% off code to use on any order placed during your term, as well as a custom 10% off referral code to share with your friends, family, and followers.

  • You will get the first look at all new items coming to the website, and first dibs the night before a launch.

  • Reps that generate the highest number of sales via their referral code by the end of their term will win a $50 gift card and a Stuffed Mystery Bag as a special thank you from me!

Rep requirements/benefits

If you're interested in becoming an official Scrunchie Shop rep, there are a few things we ask of you.

  • All Reps are required to make at least one purchase per month during your term. Your personal 20% off code can be used on all orders during this time.

  • You must be HIGHLY active on your personal social media and in groups.

  • You must be following Scrunchie Shop's social media pages and join the V.I.P. Group on Facebook.

  • Promote the product! Regularly post images and updates to your personal social media accounts as well as in the Scrunchie Shop Group and other groups you belong to.

  • Send in 1-3 high-quality images of your model in our accessories at least once a month, or when you receive items from an order.

Provide high-quality photos of your model in our accessories using natural light. All photos submitted or posted must be clear, bright, and clutter-free. (Blurry/Dark/Cluttered photos will not be accepted). These images will be used for marketing purposes. Therefore, the higher quality, the better chances of being seen.

Post and share Scrunchie Shop announcements, promotions, giveaways, launches, and events as often as you can. Everyone loves to know when a new product is coming out, or a sale is happening! Be sure to keep your audience informed and let them know why they should shop with us.

Share and post your referral code on your personal accounts and groups at least twice a month. Remember, the rep with the most sales via referral will win a $50 gift card and Stuffed Mystery Bag at the end of their term.

Comment and Engage with Scrunchie Shop's posts and stories. Show us why you love our brand! We love to hear from you and active engagement helps push our account and photos to a wider audience. Meaning, if you drop your referral code in the comments and we get 1k views on that post, 1k people have the chance to see and use your code. Earning you bigger and better rewards!

  • We ask that you post in our V.I.P Facebook Group at least once a week, you will select a day that works best for you upon approval. Throughout the week we will have Rep Spotlights where you can take over the group, connect with the community and talk about our brand!

  • Please post to your personal social media accounts and groups you belong to at least twice a week, tagging Scrunchie Shop. UGC is all the rage right now! We love to see your posts and have the opportunity to feature them in our shop. When you tag us, it gives us a whole new set of sharing options, ensuring your posts and reviews are seen by lots of new eyes!

Referral Program and How to Earn Additional Rewards

Each Rep will receive a customized referral code to share with friends, family, and followers. This code will earn your audience 10% off any purchase they make with Scrunchie Shop. There is no limit on how many times your code can be used per customer, if you have a bestie who loves to shop, they can get 10% off every purchase for the entire duration of your Rep Period!

When a Rep Code is used at checkout, it will be tracked in your Rep Record. If you are exceeding our expectations and bringing in a large number of referral orders, we will reward you with bonuses such as additional freebies, higher discounts, and shop credit.

At the end of a Rep Period, referral sales will be totaled up and the Rep who generated the highest amount will be rewarded with a $50 gift card and Stuffed Mystery Bag!

If you are going above and beyond what is expected of you during your Rep Period, you may earn additional rewards. Who doesn't love an extra free product, a higher discount code, or shop credit? These rewards can be redeemed through your collabs dashboard.

We make earning bonuses fun and easy for you by providing challenges and checklists with bonus incentives attached to each task! Check-in with the V.I.P. group on Facebook regularly to find updated challenges and lists to participate in. Don't forget to comment when you're on there! It only helps build your rewards.

Girl with multiple Scrunchie Shop Scrunchies on her wrist smiling for a photo.Girl showing off her Scrunchie Shop Mini Scrunchie Set in Electric Green color

Are You Ready to Join?

Fill out the application linked below and apply today! Your application will be reviewed shortly after submission. If you are accepted, you will receive an email confirmation and notification on your Collabs Dashboard. Please reply to the email and confirm your participation, once you have done that you officially become a Scrunchie Shop Brand rep and you will receive your codes!

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