Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to the Team!

Congratulations! You've been approved as a Scrunchie Shop Brand Rep. That's right, you're officially part of our team and ready to help spread the scrunchie love throughout the world! You might be wondering where to begin and what exactly your responsibilities are. Follow this blog as we update you with our best tips, advice, helpful tools, links, and more!

Don't Know Where to Begin? Start Here!

Be sure you can access your Brand Rep Portal & Dashboard. This will be the hub of all your personal codes and links, you will also be able to track performance and ranking here. If you have any trouble logging into your Rep Portal please be sure to Contact Us and we will make sure to get you situated

Share Your Story

Inside your Rep Portal, you will find your first step. Create a draft "About Me" Post to be used in the V.I.P Facebook Group. This post can include a variety of information including who you are, where you are from, why you decided to become a rep and something you love about Scrunchie Shop. Make sure to be creative and show off your personality. You should also add a photo of yourself, as well as your referral links and codes.

Once you have completed your draft, you can send us a copy via email. We will respond with confirmation and your Dedicated Day of the Week. This will be the day you are committed post to our V.I.P. Facebook Group throughout your term. You are always welcome to post more than required, this will just be your solo day where you are highlighted! When it's your day, copy your draft, collect your pictures, and share your story.

Place Your First Order as a Brand Rep

Now that you're a Scrunchie Shop Brand rep, you have exclusive access to an unlimited 20% discount! This can be used as soon as you're approved. When you place your first order using the code provided in your portal, you will initiate your monthly freebies. In your package you will receive 2-3 free products, selected by us, to test, review and take photos of alongside your ordered items! We may include a "Campaign Card" with additional details about the accessories, specific hashtags, references, and more if they are not yet released, on sale, or are part of a special promotion.

When you receive your order please unbox and begin taking photos within a week of arrival to ensure all promotional material and photos go out on time. You can send your photos directly to us via email, and you can also upload your photoshoots to the Facebook Group. If you have an unboxing video, you can share to your TikTok or Instagram Reels.

Our tips to take high-quality photos

  • Take your photos outside or in natural light.

  • Be sure to have a clear clutter-free background.

  • Add small props and items that don't take away from the main product to your photos. Ex: A Tote Bag

  • Style your outfits to match your hairstyle and scenery, your photos should be one concise scene.

  • Try new hairstyles and combinations, you never know what you may end up liking!

  • Take Close-Up photos of the product, small details always count!

Follow the Brand Rep Blog for updates!

You'll find helpful post ideas, task challenges, and updates here on the Brand Rep Blog. And don't forget to save this page so you can come back later—we've also linked directly to it from your Rep Portal!

Tips & Tools We Use

We use a ton of marketing, design, and content creation platforms. As a Brand Rep we feel you should have access to these tools and tips to help you along your journey.

Creating High-Quality Captions and Writing

Here at Scrunchie Shop, we write a lot! from captions to product descriptions, emails, and more. I do love to write, but sometimes my mind just blanks, and I have nothing left to say! A really helpful tool we use is Copy AI This tool helps us create powerful content quickly using clickable keywords.

To find Keywords and trending search terms you can visit Google Trends. This website helps you find current searches and trending keywords to use in your content descriptions/captions.

Marketing Your Brand Through Social Media: Tips for Successful Posts

A successful post comes with an engaged audience and an eye-catching visual or caption. We like to use Canva for digital post creation, they have a wide range of fonts, elements, and templates to use and draw attention to your page. You can create a free account today and get started with your design dreams!

When posting on social media, time matters. Be sure to check your insights and find out what time the majority of your followers are online. Create a posting schedule around these days and times for the best engagement and views.

Don't forget to use the Tag feature available on most social media platforms. Tag Scrunchie Shop in any and all content you put out there so we can see it and share it! UGC is User Generated Content, this comes when you tag us or our products directly in a post. This does not include mentions in the caption on platforms like Instagram. You must use the Tag People button in your post creation for it to count as UGC. When your content is in UGC form it can link directly to a product listing, and vice versa you can tag Scrunchie Shop products in your posts online.

We hope this guide has helped you get started with your Scrunchie Shop Brand Rep journey. We will continue to update this blog with fun ideas, tips, shareable content, and more! Find a direct link in your Brand Rep Portal. If you ever have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us at scrunchieshop22021@gmail.com and we will be happy to help!

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