Dedication Day - What is it?

Dedication Day - What is it?

Learn more about our Dedication Days and how you can participate. Each Rep has an opportunity to be featured while coming up with their own creative content!

Your dedication day will be the day of the week that you choose to take over the V.I.P Group

A Dedication Day will be a day of the week you choose to take over the Scrunchie Shop V.I.P Group. There is no right or wrong way to do this, however, you must pick a day that works for your schedule and lifestyle. You can choose any day of the week and make it your own. You can also decide not to have a dedication day at all if that works better for you (but remember: we'll still miss seeing you so catch up with bonus posts on your personal social media).

The best part about dedications is how much fun they can be! We're always super grateful when Reps take time out of their busy schedules just so they can hang out with us in the group :)

You can start by posting your About Me

The first step is to create a draft "About Me' Post. More information can be found here. But for a basic briefing, you will talk about who you are and why you joined the Squad. You should include links to your social media account and inform the audience of any other ways they can follow you online!

Then, on this day each week on, you can post whatever you'd like in the group

Once you've established your day and who you are, it's time to get involved! There are many ways to get your name out there and show your love for our brand. The creative element is entirely up to you.

Some content ideas may include:

  • a static photo of yourself wearing your favorite accessory

  • a reel or video of yourself wearing our product

  • a meme or relatable post

  • a product or brand review

  • a recent photoshoot rocking Scrunchie Shop

Be sure to respond to comments during your day

As you start your day, be sure to respond to comments as soon as possible. This is a great way for you and the community to build a relationship! It's also significant because it shows them that they are important and that they can get a response from you. This in turn builds trust and community members are more likely to remember your name and referral code!

If someone asks for help or advice, don't hesitate; jump right in and offer what knowledge or resources you have available (or suggest another person who may be able to help).

and don't forget to add your referral links and codes!

You can use this time to shout out your Rep Code, add your referral link, and direct people to engage with and follow you on social media platforms. It is super important to share your links and codes as often as possible. We offer a $50 Gift Card to the Brand Rep with the highest amount of Referral Sales at the end of a term.

In all a Dedication Day is a wonderful way to promote yourself as a Scrunchie Shop Brand Rep! You will engage with our community, find new supporters, and share your love for a small business.

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