Content Ideas for Brand Reps

Content Ideas for Brand Reps

As a brand rep, it can be tough to come up with new ideas for content. But don't worry! We've compiled a list of our favorite tips, tricks, and ideas to help you keep your audience engaged and growing.

Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram is a great place to share styled photos and compelling captions! You can get your followers excited about what you have to offer with the following ideas:

Use a Curated Hashtag!

Be sure to use #ScrunchieShopRep when posting on Instagram! This makes it easier to find your photos, as well as other brand reps' content. You can effortlessly find fun and creative new ways to style and wear your accessories while growing a community around the topic!

Post a Photo of your Favorite Product.

Everyone likes to know what others are currently loving. Post a photo of yourself in your favorite Scrunchie Shop accessory and caption it with reasons you love the product. This simple yet engaging post is sure to bring in views and likes. Be sure to add a Call to Action somewhere in your caption telling people to follow the link in your bio/story etc. to shop this item/similar items.

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Post a Styled Photo of you/your Model.

Styled photos are currently all the rage for Instagram Analytics! Plan a fun outfit or hairstyle that matches a Scrunchie Shop accessory. Find a nice, bright photoshoot location and take a few snaps of yourself! Make sure to try multiple angles, and

Post a Package Picture!

When you receive an order from Scrunchie Shop, you can create a super simple post by snapping a picture upon opening! We absolutely love to see when you get your items, and I bet tons of other people do too. You can highlight the packaging, inserts, products and more. This is also a great way to share your codes and links, people love to see a preview before making a purchase. You can caption this post with something along the lines of "look at what I got, get yours today!" This fun and enticing Call to Action is sure to get clicks.

Selfie Central!

Anytime you style a Scrunchie Shop accessory, be sure to snap a few selfies along the way! Selfies help bring personality and confidence to your page. This is a great way to show your followers how you use our products on an average day! You can simply caption this post with a motivational quote, a reason you love repping with us, or what you're up too.

Facebook Group Ideas

Facebook Groups are a great place to connect and build your community presence.

Use Links!

Facebook is one of the Social Media platforms that allows you to share outside links directly with your posts. You can use this tool to share your referral link and code when posting in the V.I.P. group and other groups you may be in! No need to redirect your audience, they have instant access to click right away. You can also link to your other social media pages, blogs or websites so people can keep up with you there!

Set up Fun Games!

Everyone loves a good game, and Facebook Groups are the perfect place to play them! During your Dedication Day, you can host fun mini games in the V.I.P. Group. A fan favorite is Bingo, simply set up a board in Canva and fill the squares with little tasks such as: Placed an Order, Bought a Headband, Sent a Gift Card, etc. You can also ask the community to share their photos, hairstyle ideas, or Scrunchie tips. This adds personality to your profile and shows group members that you're down to have fun!

TikTok & Reel Ideas

You can use TikTok or Instagram Reels to promote our brand to a wide audience! TikTok is one of the most used Social Media platforms.

Post Everyday Content!

TikTok is all about being real and showing your day-to-day life. Simply style a Scrunchie Shop accessory and get back to making your standard, everyday content! If people start asking where your accessory is from, that is your chance to promote and share your Rep Code.

Share an Unboxing.

Don't you love watching those videos when they come across your page? I know I do! Jump on the train and film a TikTok/Reel unboxing your next Scrunchie Shop order. You can use this time to talk about our brand, our packaging, or even the Rep Program! Show off the items you ordered and share why you chose them. You can also reveal the freebies you received and share a quick review. Don't forget to tell your audience to use your Rep Code at checkout to save 10%!

Post a Day in the Life!

What is it like to be a Brand Rep? What are some things you do daily? Create a fun TikTok or Reel taking us alongside a day in your life. Show your routine, the tools you use, and tasks you complete throughout the day. This type of video is super engaging and you might even receive questions on how to become a rep! Make sure to style a Scrunchie Shop accessory before filming and leave your Rep code in the caption.

Share Tips & Hacks.

Everyone loves a good life hack! If you have a unique way of keeping your items organized, this is a great hack to share. Tons of people are looking for new ways to store their plethora of hair accessories. Maybe you like to use a Scrunchie for other purposes outside of hairstyling, this tip could come in handy for someone! Another way to go about sharing a tip is through our Secret Scrunchies. Share what you like to keep inside, places you like to use this accessory, etc. This also opens doors to receive tons of comments from others sharing their tips, hacks, and ideas!


We hope that we've given you some inspiration and ideas to produce high-quality Brand Rep content. Remember that your followers want more than just products--they also want stories, tips, and tricks from real people who use them every day. So don't be afraid if things aren't perfect at first: keep trying new things until something clicks!

Start the discussion! Share some of your post ideas, tools and resources with other Brand Reps in the comment section below.

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